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Hetalia Scanlations
Mission Statement & Guidelines 
21st-Mar-2012 11:25 am - [sticky post]
Priest Roma

Mission Statement
This community was created to help organize and compile incomplete translations, as well as low quality scanlations for Hetalia. The sections that need work will be listed for easy look-up.

Translators and typesetters alike are welcome to help.

Please follow these guidelines:

-Please have a good understanding of English and Japanese, or find someone to help edit your translation so there are as little spelling and grammatical errors as possible.

-For dialogue please use the sans-serif font like Anime Ace or a close equivalent for easy to read text. Please center dialogue text within word balloons.
-If possible use a different font for handwritten text, but make sure it's also easy to read. I've actually created a font to look like Himaruya's English handwriting called Himawrite, and "laCartoonerie" is a decent option too.
-Feel free to experiment with title and SFX fonts.
-In the case of the web manga, please save your file as the same file type as the original.

Contributors are free to do both translating and typesetting, but feel free to ask for assistance if needed, it's fun to work together!

Posting guidelines

Translators/Typesetters/Scanners are free to make new posts on the community to share/request items that need translations or to start new projects.

I am open to including CD drama/song translations as well, but I know those are kind of tedious to do.

I only request that translations here relate to official Hetalia works.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them here. Thank you!
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